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Artist. Creator. Visionary.

I create sculpture to generate good energy in your daily life, either in a public space or in your intimate sphere. I often compare my works with classical music. The perception of Abstract Art is subtile, they are movements and feelings, like a sonata, a menuetto or a symphony, simple and complex at the same time. Art is an open source of energy, you simply connect with the piece and get your charge, take your time...

My inspiration comes from nature, life, movements and energy, observing people and animals, dancing, running, fighting and making love... it’s pure, dynamic and strong. Combining all this natural elements into forms, I create a subtile balance between the positivity and the negativity, a circle of energy, contrasting the beauty of life on earth harmoniously with the destruction and sadness of some part of the world. 
After all, I make sculpture to give a message of hope and positivity today, creating a better tomorrow… 


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